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Component Testing

LLC «TESTELECTRO» carries out complex testing of the purchased electronic components.


Minimum terms. Certified testing does not exceed two weeks since the moment of payment regardless of the tested quantity.

Low cost. We are working with the minimum margin, decreasing from the increasing of the scope of the ordered production.

High quality and reliability. Thedetailedreportabouttheworkdone is attached to the required batch of components.

Ourgoal: clients’ orders performed timelyandwithahighqualityand long-term trustworthy collaboration!

Operator in factory use microscope

Visual check

This type of testing establishes the compliance of the tested components to the industrial standard bythe method of thorough 4-stage inspection of marking, sizes and package. This test is recommended for all types of the electronic components and all the brands.


Decapsule testing

It is a destructive test, while performing which the tested sample is destructed. Plasticorceramicbodyisremovedforcheckingtheinnercell or crystal. 5 pieces are usually inspected, chosen from the whole batch.



   X-ray checking allows detecting the hidden defects such as

  • Voids in solder joints (BGA, QFN and etc.).

  • Connecting links between the outputs (BGA, QFNand etc.).

  • Automatic BGA analysis: outputs diameters, quantity of voids in per cents, area, geometry of output, connecting links, the presence of outputs.

  • Theanalysisoffullnessbythe soldering alloy of the holes when through-hole mounting.

  • РRuptureandthelackofwire connections in microchip.


 Functional testing

When functional testing the system of diagnostics checks the capacity of the device, emulating its work in combination with the operating equipment.


Electric testing

Electric testing helps to fulfil two main tasks. First of all it evaluates the capacity of the device and its quality characteristics. Second task – detecting the defects and their localization.